Greatest Hits

Since WordCount started in 2008, some posts have taken on a life of their own, racking up thousands or tens of thousands of page views because they touched on hot button issues or shared practices I’ve mastered over years of working as a six-figure freelancer. Instead of making you wade through four years of posts for these gems, I’ve gathered them here. Don’t see a topic you’re interested in? Let me know – maybe it’s greatest hit post waiting to be written.


1. Dear WordCount: How should I choose a blog topic?

2. Simple steps to starting a blog

3. The well-dressed blog post

4. 8 essential reasons to put links in blog posts

5. Write killer blog post titles

6. Dear WordCount: Someone linked to my blog, is that bad?

7. How to get more comments on your blog

8. Driving traffic to your blog

9. A writer’s guide to SEO basics

10. Bad beginnings: 10 newbie blogging mistakes and how to fix them

11. 25 ways to blog every day

12. 25 more ways to blog every day

13. Cheat your way into blogging every day

14. 10 sure cures for blogging burnout

15. Give under-appreciated blog posts a second chance

16. Why writers should blog: it’s not personal, it’s business

17. The long tail of blogging

18. 5 reasons why you should obsess over blog stats

19. 6 ways to find paid blogging gigs

20. 31 lessons from blogging 31 days

21. Should you put ads on your blog?

22. 3 questions you should be asking about your blog

23. A 10-step guide to making time to blog

24. The 500 blog posts that changed my life

25. Best of WordCount: Bloggers’ favorite places to write


26. Write like a pro

27. 10 great places writers can find story ideas

28. Asking the hard questions: top 10 interview tips

29. 12 insider interview tips from 2 accomplished writers

30. 5 secrets of successful interviewers, or how to get sources to tell you anything

31. A reporter’s convention survival guide

32. 25 tips for better writing

33. Writing basics: the deck

34. Writing basics: the nut graph

35. Writing basics: the quote

36. How to write fast

37. More tips for writing fast

38. A few words on writing short

39. When it comes to writing, economize

40. 7 steps to cutting a story that’s too long

41. How to handle rewrites without wanting to kill yourself or your editor

42. 10 tricks to get the words flowing again

43. Best time management tips for writers

44. The writer as content curator

45. Best blogs for writers

46. First v. best

47. 10 things J. K. Rowling taught me about writing

48William Zinsser and ‘On Writing Well’

49. Why is ‘Mad Men’ so great? It’s the writing

50. My 5 favorite books on writing


51. Freelance 101: getting started as an independent writer

52. How writers can squeeze more money out of their work

53. 10 ways to make editors fall in love with your work

54. Are you a freelancer writer or journalist entrepreneur?

55. Beat the recession

56. Top 10 blogs for freelance writers

57. Promote yourself through your email signature

58. 10 more ways to promote your freelance writing

59. How to become a niche writer

60. Dear WordCount: What do newspapers pay?

61. Why ex-staff writers make good trade magazine freelancers

62. The freelancer’s guide to e-newsletters

63. How to write, produce and market an ebook

64. WordCount Q&A – One freelancer’s DIY book publishing success

65. How to know if you’re freelance editor material

66. Do you tell editors what you’re doing when you’re not writing for them?

67. Surefire ways to get editors to get back to you faster

68. Why freelance queries get rejected

69. Should writers blog about juicy subjects or save them for story pitches?

70. The race to the bottom

71. The great freelance rate debate continues

72. A guide to hyperlocal news

73. Novice freelancers, instead of Helium, try hyperlocal

74. AOL’s Patch hyperlocal hiring spree – boon or bane for writers?

75. Top 13 signs a magazine is going under

76. Making life work as a writer and mom

77. 10 businesses freelance writers can start today

Social Media & Tech Tools for Writers

78. Writers’ 6 top tech tools for getting work done

79. 10 basic web tools for freelancers

80. Goodbye Google: 8 Internet search alternatives

81. My favorite freelance technology innovation: Track Changes

82. Research This: and Google News Alerts

83. What freelancers should know about podcasting

84. How writers can use LinkedIn

85. The secret to my LinkedIn success (The Renegade Writer guest post)

86. New ways to uses LinkedIn to find story sources

87. Link your WordPress, Six Apart blogs to your LinkedIn profile

88. Best WordPress plug ins for writers and bloggers

89. WordPress users can add ratings to posts, comments

90. How to use Facebook to promote your writing business

91. How not to out yourself on Facebook

92. Is it OK to friend your editor on Facebook?

93. A writer’s guide to getting the most out of Twitter

94. The use and abuse of Twitter to flog your blog

95. There is no such thing as a dumb Twitter question

96. When one Twitter account isn’t enough (TwiTip guest post)

97. 10 keys to hosting a successful Twitter chat

98. How to fit blogging, social networks into your writing day

99. Social media 101 for a small business

100. A little password protection goes a long way

101. 8 secrets for getting better HARO query results

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  3. Barbra, Bio Writer

    This is a super page of hits. Looks like I have an enjoyable afternoon of reading ahead of me.

    One thing I have found is that articles that “take on a life of their own” can sometimes give the writer a good idea for a book or product. That’s exactly how my business came about. It started as a single article and eventually became a business.

  4. Barbra, Bio Writer

    I’d love to share the story with you, Michelle. Maybe it will help other writers get ideas for products or services. I’ll be in touch.

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