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  1. Connie Clark

    Okay, does it count toward your daily blogging requirement if you comment on someone else’s blog? What if you write a really astute comment that takes you, like, an entire half hour to craft? (Not that I often have astute comments, but once every decade or so I get something.)
    And what if the original blogger is in your own field, and you can include a link to your own site or blog, and it results in more exposure for your own book? Does it count? Because I could easily get away with that for a few days.
    Oh and hey, it’s nice to see you here, Michelle. I used to work for you at Miramar!

    1. Connie Clark

      Michelle, thank you, that is an absolutely brilliant idea. Yes, the blogger is a big name in my field. So by posting about the discussion on my own blog, I help build traffic to my site. But there’s an even bigger advantage. My “paid” blog is at my publisher’s site. If I post about the discussion on that blog, it’s completely relevant to a proposal I just happened to send that publisher. The timing would be perfect. Great idea, thanks!
      P.S. Awesome blog. I’m bookmarking this!

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  3. Margarita Tartakovsky

    Fantastic post, Michelle! Thanks for the great ideas & inspiration. I also love the title. 🙂

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