10 responses to “My big fat paid blogging gig at SecondAct.com”

  1. Sarah Z. Cordell

    Congratulations, Michelle! I’ll definitely be checking out the new blog baby. And I can relate to the time concerns. I’ve had to sit down recently to do some scheduling to make sure I manage to update my own blog once/week. Most of my writing happens in the evening, when there are fewer distractions around )although this does mean I’m completely out of the loop on trendy TV!). I’m endlessly inspired that you’ve maintained a three times/week schedule!

  2. Tanya Payne

    Welcome to Entrepreneur, Michelle. One of the bloggers on our Daily Dose site, Mikal Belicove, manages to juggle his commitments to Ent, American Express Open Forum, and his personal blog very well. Shoot me an email and I’ll put you in touch!

  3. Carroll Lachnit

    You will rock your paid blogging gig, just like you rock this, Michelle. I’ve never known a more disciplined, productive writer & reporter!

  4. Susan Johnston

    Congrats, Michelle! If anyone can it, it’s you. I’m juggling several blogging projects at the moment, but they’re all over the map which makes for some nail-biting moments before deadline. You’re smart to focus on a few specialties (business and social media/web topics). I need to be better about this in the future!

  5. Kathy Murray


    What Carroll said…. Congrats and I know you’ll do great! Second Act looks terrific — and what a good idea, too.


  6. Dara Chadwick

    Congratulations, Michelle…can’t wait to read!

  7. Elena Verlee


    I came upon your blog from your Second Act articles so I wanted to congratulate you that there was no reason to be nervous. The articles are great 😉

    As a fellow mom, entrepreneur, and 40+ second act-er (though I think I am in my fourth act), I’m really looking forward to the useful articles and being inspired by those the magazine is covering.