11 responses to “The use and abuse of Twitter to flog your blog”

  1. Steve Boese

    Michelle – I think that you are just about right in your guidelines on promotion vs. helpful (or at least neutral) use of Twitter. I usually only post one tweet for each blog post, and hope that one or two followers think enough of the post to re-tweet the link. Great summary of the issue.

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  3. Donna Hull

    Michelle, like Steve, I post one tweet per blog post with the hopes that I will gain a few new readers to my blog. I also look for opportunities to answer questions on twitter using references to blog posts that I have written. Your blog post tweets vs total tweets percentages look good to me.

  4. Paula B.


    You are one of the few people I follow on Twitter whose “tweets” are worth reading. That’s because you’re always interesting, don’t overdo it, and don’t promote yourself all the time.

    I am so sick of people who blather on about whatever it is *they* care about but no one else does. Twitter users, bloggers, and anyone who uses social media should think of their audience. Unfortunately, few do. I just deleted a Facebook “friend” the other day because I couldn’t stand his constant posts about Twitter all day long. I guess he thought he was being useful. I thought he was being obnoxious.

    I think if you’re interesting enough, everything else will fall into place. Be cool and you won’t have to promote yourself overtly very often. And when all the perceived spammers are deleted, you won’t be one of them.

  5. Paula B.

    That’s why you’re successful, Michelle. You don’t have a formula. You just have good instincts.


  6. Heiddi  Zalamar

    great post. I’m in the sometimes category of posting about my blogs. I tend to post about my frustrations with writing and my writing accomplishments. I also post about the other loves in my life besides writing. ie my son, my day job. That kind of thing. Thanks so much for posting this. Take care and have a great day.

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