13 responses to “8 essential reasons to put links in blog posts”

  1. Alexandra Grabbe

    Thanks for this information. I will try to add more links to my post. It does require an extra step that is sometimes time-consuming. I have heard that links to past blog posts also count. Is this true?

  2. Jan Udlock

    Links seem to be the last “step” I seem to forget. This is such a great reminder.

    How many do you suggest to put in your post? If you are posting on a new subject and you don’t have any past posts on the subject, do you suggest looking around the web to find one outside link?


  3. Susan K

    Thanks for this post, Michelle. I just read and thought that I was doing okay (I do insert the occasional link to another website or old post). However, when I just read your followup comment, I realize that I still may not get this.

    I do check and confirm that the blog post has interesting content or links to relevent information. I think that I can pick out spammers and don’t link to those. What is a rob0-blog, though? Are there characteristics that demonstrate the person is a likely roboblogger?

    I did google the term, but it is being defined as artificial intelligence, and I’m sure this is not what is meant here.

  4. Alison

    Thank you so much for this post Michelle. It’s very simple information that I sometimes forget. The other item you mentioned that I don’t know how to do: writing a short description that shows up in Google searches. Have you written a post about that? Thanks again for the informative post!

  5. Alison Law

    Excellent post! Linking and proper attribution are so important. Links are like high-tech footnotes that automatically zoom your reader to the source. This lends credibility and helps you avoid the copyright issues you would encounter if you were cutting and pasting the source information into your blog.

  6. Sheila Callahan

    Thanks so much for this entry. I knew linking was important, I just didn’t know how to do it. Merci, dziekuje bardzo, as we say in Polska.

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  8. sibichen

    Very informative. I am using this in my blog. However, one needs to take care that only relevant links are given.