4 responses to “Is it OK to friend your editor on Facebook?”

  1. Ron S. Doyle

    Great advice—look first, identify the culture of the situation/person, then move forward.

    That can be tricky, though, because Facebook profiles are often hidden unless the friendship is established. Case in point: I befriended an editor on Facebook. She keeps it quite professional–updates on publishing/editing topics, notes that look like blog posts on journalism.

    It’s great stuff and I’m glad to have her as a friend on FB, but I’m a little embarrassed of my “Ron’s daughter just sneezed boogers on him… again” updates that were really meant for friends and family.

  2. Corinne McKay

    This is a really important topic! Like Michelle, in my early Facebook days I accepted friend requests from a few people who I should have kept as professional contacts only, so I set up a Facebook friend list just for those people; friend lists let you hide basically everything on your profile from whoever you want; they can’t see your status updates, post to your wall, whatever privileges you want to take away, you can 🙂 Now I’m less wishy-washy about it and I just tell people that I prefer to use LinkedIn for professional contacts.