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  1. Laryssa

    I love this post! So many great suggestions. As someone with a background in creative writing, I like to turn my blog posts about new/social media into creative writing challenges. I think, “How could I write this post in a new way? Could it be a poem or a short story?” I’ve written poems about Facebook, haikus about Twitter spam, and horror stories about Facebook’s new privacy policy. Sometimes, I feel ridiculous while writing these things, but they are usually crowd-pleasing posts. Thanks again!

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  3. Jenn Mattern

    Your first tip is my favorite. I do that all the time. I’ll often get post ideas or specific titles will pop into my head, but I don’t have time to write the post right then and there, or I don’t feel like the timing is right. So I create a draft, plug in the title, and either jot some notes or just put some filler text. then I save it and go back to it when I can. It’s definitely helpful when I don’t have ideas but I want to put a blog post together… the brainstorming’s already done.

  4. Laryssa

    Here are links to some of the posts I mentioned in my previous comment:

    “Two Twitter Trending Topic Poems” http://www.commansentence.com/two-twitter-trending-topic-poems/

    “10 Haikus Dedicated to Twitter Spam” http://www.commansentence.com/10-haikus-dedicated-to-twitter-spam/

    “An Ode to Facebook Creepers” http://www.commansentence.com/an-ode-to-facebook-creepers/

    “Things That Go Poke in the Night” http://www.commansentence.com/things-that-go-poke-in-the-night/

  5. Jen

    What a great post, Michelle! The Blogathon has taught me to plan posts in advance (though not anywhere close to 123 – now that’s impressive!), start drafts, and use theme days, which I did for the first two weeks before falling behind this weekend. I was in my friend’s wedding, so we had three days of festivities and fun that I didn’t plan ahead for. I was lucky though – my generous husband helped get me through my weekend posts while I was out with my friends. If you can rope in your spouse/significant other/good friend/Mom/Dad to help when times get tough, go for it!

    I also having been using Fridays to link to my favorite posts from other bloggers. It gives others some exposure, and helps me keep up with my reading and take a little break!

  6. Kathy Murray

    Timely post , Michelle! As someone who’s always struggled with deadlines (as my poor guest post swapper now knows), I can’t tell you how much pre-publishing a day in advance has helped me.

    Going to try out some of these other ideas soon. I keep wanting to post a video clip but still technically challenged on that one.

    This is fun!


  7. Jennifer Fink

    Great ideas, Michelle! I love the pre-planning idea; I just have to figure out a way to make it work. I’ve been busy with a lot of deadlines this month (which is good!), but often that means I’m blogging on almost empty. Come summer, though, I think I need to seriously consider plotting out some blog posts.


  8. Natasha Rogue

    I love this post! Caught it at the perfect time. I completely lost steam with my blog, which has me feeling guilty because I feel like I’m letting my followers down by not making an effort. At the same time, my WIP has been going smoother, so I have mixed feelings about it. Planning ahead or even writing post a day or two in advance would really help me juggle the two.

    Thank you for the awesome advice!

  9. Jackie Dishner

    I’m a huge fan of number 4. It always carries me through. Great post. I’ll tweet it.

  10. DragonKat747

    Ahh – I see you also use a trick you didn’t mention: turn a thoughtful comment on another blog into well rounded post on your own! Which is really a great idea – sometimes wonderful thoughts are triggered in response to someone else’s topic and you find you care enough about it to say more.

    Also, each of your tips has been really helpful, and I’m now working at least one day ahead, thanks to a restful weekend. I’ve got a bus ride coming up this weekend and hope to use some of that time putting some of my mental planning into draft form in wordpress for future posts. You, and the others who posted encouragement that particular day, really helped me through a slump!

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  12. Jen

    Michelle, I agree, it’s not always possible to find family members who want to guest post for you. I got lucky – my husband loves to write about art, so he just connected art to food (because I have a food blog) in his guest posts. It’s worked out really well (though I do feel a prick of guilt that I’ve had help posting one day a week!).

    Thanks again for organizing the Blogathon; I’m having so much fun with it!


  13. DragonKat747

    Doh – sorry I missed that!!! LOL

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