15 responses to “Why writers should blog: it’s not personal, it’s business”

  1. Yolanda

    I definitely would love to be apart of your upcoming blogathon — if there is one in the making!

    I plan to launch my blog soon: Pen & The City (http://www.penandthecity.com)

    The only thing that’s holding me back is actually designing the layout. The content and the thoughts are there. (I know, I know…designing should be the least of my worries, but nevertheless, it is).

    Please bookmark my blog or my website — heck, just remember me the next time you have a blogathon. I’d love to be apart of it!

  2. Jackie Dishner


    Since you first got me hooked into participating in a blogathon last year through FreelanceSuccess.com, I’ve initiated two of my own–with speakers. What I’ve learned from it is this:

    _Blogging is not a solitary experience, nor should it be. If you want to journal for yourself, there are notebooks and ink pens for that.

    _Blogging is more about creating community, not just airing out your thoughts. And a blogathon can help kick start the process.

    _Blogging in a blogathon forces you to think about your audience and what they might be interested in…because if you’re going to spend the time posting daily, you might as well post something interesting or entertaining.

    _Blogging in a blogathon, where you’re required to post a specific amount in a specific amount of time, forces you to plan ahead, or at least think ahead.

    _A blogathon also teaches you the importance of information sharing. Because this year, we had Twitter, it created a whole new dynamic with the group. We were able to spread the word easier. And we were really successful at it.

    _One other thing I can think of that a blogathon can do for a group of writers who want to blog is help them trust in the process of writing. If you’re not a writer disciplined to write daily already, it’s great training ground for that. Plus, this trust allows you to experiment with ideas (though, as you said, without pay) and a surefire audience at your fingertips you might not otherwise have.

    My two cents,

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  4. Jackie Dishner

    I think the relationship with readers and followers is the whole point of blogging. So, yes, do find ways/time to engage–on both ends. For me, that’s what MAKES the whole experience, though I admit it’s harder to get to other sites than it is to respond from your own. It behooves you to do both, as best you can.

    Thanks for initiating the best blogathon yet! All the extras added great fun to the learning process.

  5. Horrible Sanity


    Let me first start by saying that it has been an absolute pleasure not only being a member of the blogathon, but also getting to know all my fellow bloggers that also participated. I made lots of new friends and I gained a lot of readers along the way since May 1.

    I appreciate the opportunity that you gave us to not only get to gain new friends, but also to help one another out. Writing is such a personal journey no matter what category your place yourself in. And to see others taking it so seriously to blog daily and give each other feedback and comments was just fantastic.

    I can’t wait to continue to be a part of your blogathons in the coming years.

    Thanks again. For the support, the friendship, and most of all the chance to get our voices heard, recognized, and taken seriously as writers. I know it means a lot to all of us who participated in your blogathon.

  6. Kerry Dexter

    I’ve enjoyed the blogathon, though I didn’t participate directly– okay, I did two guest posts at one of the participating blogs, A Traveler’s Library, commented on other blogs, and read yet others. Here’s wishing you all a great wrap party and many fine posts and conversations ahead.

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  11. Zainab Ahmad

    Hello, Michelle! A blogathon is a great idea… I’d love to be part of the next one.. sounds like an ideal way to exercise my writing muscle.

    Blogging is a wonderful way to communicate.. I stalk a lot of blogs! Commenting so far, and will be getting up to speed with my own blogs soon.

    Do add me to your blogathon or tweetathon list!