11 responses to “Best of WordCount: how to get more comments on your blog”

  1. Nisha

    Thanks for very useful points, Michelle.
    From my experience I would like to add 2 more points to your list.
    1) Tweeting about new posts & updating your FB fan page if you have any.
    2) Writing guests posts occasionally.

    Interaction with people is very important; whether it is to leave comment on others blogs or asking/replying a question.

    I have a travel blog and have a substantial number of followers. I travel & write about sweet & sour experiences, the unusual things that I see on the road and it works well for me. 🙂

  2. Lisa Carter

    Great advice as always, Michelle. Your points #5 and 6 are two of the exact reasons I joined Blogathon 2011, to seek out other like-minded writers/bloggers and get a conversation going. It is certainly working thus far! I’ve also used your point #7, specifically asking readers to comment. The catch there is, you need readers first, making points #1 through 6 essential!

  3. Alexandra Grabbe

    I have discovered that commenting on the blogs of folks who comment on mine works. Unfortunately a lot of my readers are not bloggers. They hesitate to write comments because of making mistakes or spelling words wrong. Yes, to #5 and #6. Since I write a place-blog, it occurred to me that writing a weekly column for a local newspaper would be a way of attracting more readers who might comment. I just need the extra energy and time to approach the editor …

  4. Deana Barnhart

    Thanks for these tips! This is a big one everyone loves to know about…including me:)

  5. Freelancer, sole trader, accountant, accountancy

    Hi Michellerafter,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, 3… 2… 1… Did you lose? Did your reader move away again from your blog, faster than the average driver hits the horn when the light turns green in Haifa? (I can assure you – that is REALLY fast!)
    All the Best

  6. Linda c Wright

    Great ideas! I’m always looking to drive traffic to my blog. And I’m always looking at other blogs for ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Terry

    The best way I found to get comments and keep getting comments is to make sure I visit and comment on everyones blog who comments on mine.