20 responses to “Goodbye Google: 8 Internet search alternatives”

  1. Joanne Mason

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I write about some delicate health issues and sifting through Google search results has been a waste of time. I just tried out Blekko and my research is going much more smoothly. Hooray!

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  4. Jean Gogolin

    This is fabulous, Michelle; thank you. I do a lot of writing about science and technology and this list of sources will really help.

  5. Susan Birk

    Great ideas. I’m going to check these out in my work as a healthcare/medical writer.

  6. Susan Birk

    I’m constantly looking up medical definitions, background on diseases, conditions and techniques, bios and affiliations of researchers, previous scientific studies on specific topics, and websites devoted to various healthcare issues. I have no real basis of comparison, so I can’t really say–yet–how Google is not working for me. I’m hoping some of these alternatives will be faster and involve less wading through irrelevant info.

  7. Frank Strong

    Hi Michelle: Interesting comment about HARO post Vocus acquisition. The reason being? Nothing has changed, except that the community has grown. The same team manages the queries, Peter still writes the intros and the service remains free. Hopefully, this post, which I have posted in my name, on my own blog, will help put your concerns to rest:7 reasons why Vocus will keep HARO FREE

  8. Frank Strong

    Sure, Michelle, would be honored. fstrong(at)vocus(dot)com.

  9. Karen S. Elliott

    I shared this on FB with WRITERS UNBOXED.

  10. Laura

    I still get results I like with Google. Sometimes it’s about how you search, the phrase you use, there are so many ways to say the same thing.

    I’ve started using Bing and sometimes I even give Yahoo a spin for old times sake.

    Google Desktop wouldn’t do much for me. I clean everything out of my computer a couple of times a year. It’s the only place in my life where I don’t have clutter.

  11. Laura

    Also, I have started using content curation sites like Snip.it and Scoop.it. You didn’t mention anything like that. There are more and more content curation places popping up, a new trend for a couple of years I think. Then the excess will start to die off. Anyway, they work quite well for picking up information on selected topics too.

  12. Alana (@RamblinGarden)

    Not only did I tweet this, I am going to post this on my Facebook page and might on my LinkedIn page, too. I’m even seriously thinking about moving my blog from Blogger – finally. The one thing I would mention is that (personal preference) I do not like Bing. I will have to try Blekko (which I had never heard of) although the research I do at my job is not tech-related. It’s worth a shot. I’ve been using Google since 1998 or so (?) – now it is past time to say “goodbye”.

  13. Sheela Kangal

    Thanks Michelle: just found Blekko myself (via Wikipedia entry on search engines) and am thrilled with the tip on Twitter searching. Onward!