6 responses to “Dear WordCount: Someone linked to my blog, is that bad?”

  1. Sawyer

    It’s interesting you cut back your blog roll, and I understand that. I have some links to websites and blogs I feel are important, and I would feel funny not having any links to other sites at all. I think I would feel solipsistic – the internet is all about connection and community, and wouldn’t want someone to think I am just typing away while contemplating my own navel. (I like to look at all navels.) Secondly, some of the links I provide are to environmental sites, like Tree Hugger, and The Green Guide, because green living is my passion and I always hope people learn something new that they will implement in their own lives when they go to those types of sites. Also, in WordPress anyway, if you choose in your editor the VISUAL version instead of HTML, you will see when you input your link that they give the option of the other site opening in a new window. Which means that your own site is still there when they shut the other window. I think that helps somewhat.


  2. Joanna

    Hi Michelle!

    Sorry, this comment is unrelated (or maybe not completely) to the post but in a rush, I did not know where to send the message to you.

    I am (or Blogger is) experiencing technical difficulties, and I cannot publish (nor access my account) my post for today. Does that disqualify me from the Blogathon?

    Incidentally, I was going to talk about including a blogroll on tonight’s post, I cannot publish!

    In panic, Joanna

  3. Joanna

    Thanks for the quick reply, Michelle.

    Yes, I can see my page again but it still remains only in read-only mode; as Blogger stated they are still trying to resolve some maintenance issues.

    I officially missed posting for WordCount Blogathon on the 12th of May, since it is now 1: 00 am here in the Netherlands. 🙁 It is for me a personal let down since I had the goal of 365 days of continuous blogging.

    It was a factor I did not consider – technical issues!

    Should I simply publish the post meant for the 12th today together with that of the 13th?

    Again, my apologies if I am not channeling all these questions at the appropriate post/email for it! I will do it next time.

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