6 responses to “A WordCount blogroll update”

  1. Michele

    Oh, this post reminds me that I need to freshen up my own blogroll. I decided to dedicate a page to it titled Friends and I never got around to polishing it up. Never enough hours in the day, eh?!

    I, personally, love seeing the title of my blog (Writing the Cyber Highway) in blogrolls because I think it’d grab more attention than just my name…


  2. ideagirlconsulting

    I think I have too many websites on the go, My blogs are doing great but I’d like to have more traffic simply because in order to apply for blog jobs, they want you to post your work on a site that gets 300 hits a day? I thought I was doing okay at 50 LOL

    I register my blog names because they mean something to people and the thought sticks in their mind. Mine is my company name Idea Girl Consulting then its wordpress 🙂 I have a business site on squidoo as well (company name again) amongst other hobby sites I’ve developed.
    Im obsessed with stats, I actually have a little black book that I write in everyday, looking at my blogs , articles and stat information I sometimes gear what types of topics to write about (because they draw traffic to the site). Site Meter is free and it emails you results. I like wordpress because it has a stat section for every article that you write..

  3. Litterate T&L

    I would also like to be mentioned by my blog’s name, you’re so right about branding!

    Actually, this weekend I have dedicated some time to contact the owners’ of blogs I have been following to ask permission/let them know I’d like to include them in a blogroll in my soon-to-be website.

    One thing about blogrolls is that I can make them a resource guide, a list of what-to-do things,… anything I want. It is very useful for organising the information you want to display in your site/blog.

    Loreto Riveiro
    Litterate T&L

  4. Adam Pieniazek

    I think blogrolls can be great resources for a reader, but only if the blog they’re on is great and niche based. Then the sites in the blogroll can serve as an expansion on the topic (and obviously, only if they respect that blogger’s content and thus recommendations). Having said that, I’ve become a bit de-sensitized to blogrolls and usually subconsciously avoid them.

    Even if I love a blogger’s content, I usually don’t even notice they’re blog roll. It’s a big reason I haven’t had blogrolls on my sites for a few years.

    But, dynamic blogrolls appeal to me. Seeing who the blogger is recommending and that blogger’s latest post title and excerpt without having to click through is a huge bonus and makes the blogrolls that much more useful and less likely to be ignored.

  5. Kerry Dexter

    I’ve always called the links in my side bar resources rather than blog roll. Adam’s point is a good one, too. Mine is a very niche focused blog — Irish, Scottish, and Americana/folk music and the creative practice of being a musician, so resources on those areas are often useful to people reading my blog.