9 responses to “How to know if you’re freelance editor material”

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  2. Danielle Buffardi - PenPoint Editorial

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for this great post.

    As a freelance editor, I totally agree with every point you’ve bulleted.

    I would add that being “true to the original work” is prudent as well, if you’re editing someone’s manuscript or the like. Not every writer and company wants a total overhaul of their work.

    Happy blogging!

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  7. Jacqueline D.

    No. 1 thing that has helped me is my natural perfectionist tendencies, which have helped me to develop an error radar, and I just naturally pick up on errors when reading.

    No. 2 thing is my business college training.

    No. 3 is the time I worked as a legal secretary, where errors in legal documents are not an option.

    No. 4 is my natural knack for spelling.

  8. Jamie

    I am a recent English grad. and I am fascinated and excited at the idea of freelancing. The idea of being my own boss is incredibly appealing, but caution holds me back until I have more information. My biggest question is this: how do you know if you have the writing/editing skills to even begin a foray into the field? Is it a sink or swim type deal, or is there a way to find out if you have the basic skills? Thanks so much, Jamie.