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  2. Brandi U.

    Great inside look into why editors are not returning emails as fast. Given this insider’s info, though, how do we use it to help us writers get quicker responses?

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  4. Trisha Miller

    Brilliant piece…..describes my life so perfectly it’s eerie – like some small hole in the space-time continuum just opened up and I could take a peek at my own world. Or maybe it’s just a mirror. Whatever. When I stop laughing and get my a** back in my chair I just might finish editing tomorrow’s post, answer a few emails, and prep for a morning meeting before I go to bed.

  5. Carol Tice

    Completely awesome look at editors’ lives. New writers are always saying gee, I sent this query weeks ago and no response, isn’t that rude? They have no idea how crazed editors are.

    Some you could add are:

    They’re in a day-long staff retreat to try to re-envision the publication

    Also, every once in a while, they’re actually on vacation. Or sick.

    They’re putting out this week/month’s issue.

    Or trying to figure out why the Internet is down, or why InDesign keeps crashing.

    They’re doing a team-building activity with current staff.

    Write on!

    Carol Tice

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