15 responses to “WordCount Q&A – One freelancer's DIY book publishing success”

  1. Corinne McKay

    Thanks, Michelle! It was fun doing this interview, I hope it can inspire some more people to self-publish their own books, whether through POD or traditional channels.

  2. Linda Formichelli

    Nice interview, Michelle! I was a freelance translator for a brief stint before becoming a writer, and I really could have used this book.

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  6. Natalia

    That’s some awesome info!

    I’ve been “coaching” some people trying to go freelance. I thought maybe I could do something with that. I don’t feel confident enough now, but it’s certainly something I will seriously consider in the [near] future.

    McKay’s book would probably be very useful to me. Thanks for telling me about this post, Michelle!

  7. Susan

    Thanks for the info. My book is written. All I have to do is the next step.

    Did you get your ISBN thru Lulu or direct?

  8. Corinne McKay

    @Susan, when I published my book in 2006, I purchased an ISBN through Lulu that is registered to them (I think that this was the only option they offered at the time?). However for the second edition (hopefully out in late 2009) I’m planning to purchase their “published by you” option where I’ll buy the ISBN through Lulu but it will be registered to me. You can check out their website for more details!

  9. Carolina

    Hi, Corinne,

    I’m new to the area and found your post today while searching local publishing houses. I am considering self-publishing, but I haven’t settled on it yet. I am leaning in that direction though.

    Congratulations on your book sales! I think you did a great job.

    Thanks for a very informative piece that is definitely keeping self-publishing the main option at the moment.

    Forgive my see spot run-I never know what to say when I meet new people:)

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