24 responses to “How to write, produce and market an ebook”

  1. Susan Johnston

    Michelle, thanks so much for inviting me to participate in a WordCount live chat (and thanks for your patience with the chaos and background noise of me hiding out in Starbucks). Lots of great questions, and I hope participants got some useful tips out of the discussion.

    In thinking about this over the weekend, I remembered that in addition to pulling content from the blog, I also used some of the info from the handouts I created for my freelance writing course at my local adult education center. Since the handouts have a limited distribution, it seemed like a smart idea to repurpose them. Again, though, the market directory is exclusive to the ebook, so that’s a perk only available to ebook buyers.

    The chat also prompted me to revisit the links in the ebook again, so my VA is testing them out now and I’ll add or subtract markets as needed.

  2. Alexandra Grabbe

    Lots of useful info in this interview. If anyone asks me about ebooks, I will send them here.

  3. Ruth Pennebaker

    This is excellent, timely advice. Right now, the whole publishing world is changing so quickly that we all need to educate ourselves about as many alternatives as possible.

  4. Meredith

    The whole e-book movement is more an more compelling each and every day, what with e-readers and iPads, and notebook computers thin and light as anything. This is a really great post with lots of solid info. Thanks.

  5. Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi

    Thanks for the information. I’m considering writing an eBook in the next year or so and this gives me lots of angles I need to cover.

  6. Brette Sember

    This is great.I already have a couple ebooks, but am thinking of doing more, so this helped me to think about that.

  7. Christine

    Thanks – there was a lot of solid information in here. I bought a copy of Susan’s ebook and thought it was really professional and well-written. The thought of publishing an ebook of my own had not occurred to me before reading this post but now I’m intrigued and may think about it!

  8. Sheryl

    I have not written an e-book and have no immediate plans to do so. Nonetheless, I found this really interesting and informative. I love the concept of an e-book and that it can be kept current by a few simple changes. This way the reader knows she is getting the most up-to-date and timely information.

  9. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    Thanks for this! I’m not sure if I’m ready for a recipe ebook yet, but it’s planted the seed…

  10. Jennifer Margulis

    Thanks for this helpful information. I’m not sure I ever totally understood what an ebook was until reading about it here!

  11. Alisa Bowman

    I’m down with this. Susan: thanks so much for sharing your wonderful advice!

  12. Kristine

    Thank you for this informative interview, Susan and Michelle. I already have your page linked on my writer’s blog, but I’m sure soon I’ll be blogging about Susan’s e-book…this sounds great! Good luck to both of you.

  13. Kristen

    Thanks for all of these tips. Seems like ebooks will become more and more popular. But as Susan pointed out they’re a natural fit with emerging, timely topics.

  14. Bob McDonnell

    Good insights on e-books. My goal for early next year is to have an e-book. I have a couple of ideas, so if one goes well I may do a second one.

  15. Scott Hoffman

    Great post, thanks! I stumbled through writing a first ebook myself; the next one should go easier. If you could have told me how to get the time to write it I’d be all set!

  16. Stephanie - Wasabimon

    With publishing on its ear, this is all so well timed. Thanks for the insight – I’ll bookmark this post.

  17. sarah henry

    I was a bit daunted by the whole e-publishing concept. Not anymore. Thanks for an illuminating post.

  18. Issa @ Ajeva

    This is something new. I’ve read a lot of blogs saying that you should give your E-book for free so that people will flock to your site and you’re saying the opposite here. I guess, research is the key. I wonder if the traditional ISBN stuff applies to Ebooks as well as I’m not that much into digital publishing. Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

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