13 responses to “13 media industry trends freelancers need to watch for in 2013”

  1. Patrick J. Kiger

    This post is so much better-researched and full of useful ideas than anything I’ve seen on MediaBistro or the other freelance-oriented sites.

  2. Alexandra Owens

    This is so rich and full of great information, Michelle. You’ve given me lots of homework! And thanks for pointing out that ASJA2013 is a hub for freelances learning together about trends and the information they need to know to stay current. We’ll also have sessions on long-form storytelling, self-publishing and other things you mention. Freelances really must stay on top of the everchanging industry landscape to compete, and this post is a huge help!

  3. Sandra Beckwith

    I love this, Michelle, and will share it. Thank you! I’ll add another 2013 ASJA Conference panel mention — there’s one on Kindle Singles (#12) led by author and former SU mag journalism prof Mark Obbie. Also, this week’s issue of my free newsletter for authors, “Build Book Buzz,” has a list of the 10 best apps for authors (#11). It’s available only by subscription — http://buildbookbuzz.com.

    Thanks again — you rock!

    Sandra Beckwith

  4. Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing

    Thanks for a deeply researched roundup, Michelle! I’m just back from NMX, and I can tell you many of these trends were topics of discussion.

    I met with Skyword and eByline there, and was happy to hear about better than typical rates at Skyword, and rising blog-pay rates at eByline.

    I’m always telling writers new print magazines are still being born, so thanks for spotlighting the stats on that. I saw 2-3 new ones at NMX, including the counter-intuitively print Social Media Monthly! Many new magazines don’t pay, or don’t pay much, but some will grow to be viable markets for freelancers.

    And you’re making me want to go to ASJA… 😉

    My position for quite a while now is that I’m platform-agnostic…I don’t care if it’s print or online, if it’s challenging work and pays well.

    People keep asking me what I’ll do when print dies, and my answer is…write it and read it online. Our human desire to be informed and entertained is not going anywhere, just the medium is changing.

    Love that you called out brand journalism, which is huge already and will only get bigger.

  5. Fawn Fitter

    This is great, Michelle, thank you!

    I’ve only done a handful of articles for consumer publications, print or online, in the last two years. Do I miss it? Yes. But do I like getting paid well and promptly for the custom publishing, corporate copywriting, and brand journalism that now makes up 95% of my workload? Yes, and 2011 and 2012 were my best $$ years ever. Scheduling conflicts have kept me from the ASJA conference for a few years, and that’s probably going to happen again this year, but I’ll definitely be ordering a recording of your panel.

    (And I’m VERY interested to hear more about your experiences using Contently.)

  6. Jackie Dishner

    Such a great post at such an opportune time. Thank you, Michelle!

  7. Van Waffle

    There’s a lot of great info here for consideration and inspiration. Thanks, Michelle.