19 responses to “8 more blog advertising networks (that aren’t BlogHer)”

  1. Holly

    I like that term — publisher. Sounds better than saying “blogger” and seems to garner more respect.

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  3. Maggie

    Hi Michelle, thank you for this good information. BlogHer is my holy grail but I’m new to the ad network game, and this is really one of the most useful articles I’ve found. I’m giving IZEA and Ligit a try right now, so thank you for that!

  4. Tracey

    Great post. I’m wondering if I can use multiple networks at the same time – e.g. ads from BlogHer and Lijit on the same blog post.

  5. Ondrej

    Thanks for this post, I didn’t know some of these networks. I giggled a little at the “as few as 30,000 impressions per month” – I would like to have that 🙂 But I know what you mean, and my blog is only couple months old.

  6. Usman Ghani

    Good Article!!
    🙁 But I have not so much visitors per month. 😉 But I have approved adsense account from 1.5year. But earned only 35$ 🙁 waiting for reaching threshold

  7. Ashley

    Great content! I’m just getting started and have studied the BlogHer model and figured there were others out there. Thank you so much for a clear and concise guide. It gives me hope (I’m getting 6000/mth and steadily climbing) that there are avenues available for those of us who aren’t Dooce.

  8. Frieda

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been with Federated Media for the past 3+ years and they were GREAT until they dropped FoodBuzz and added Ligit. With Ligit, I’m only earning 10% of the revenue I used to earn with FoodBuzz. The only good thing about the change is that third party advertising is now an option; it used to be exclusive.

    I’m hearing reports that BlogHer is not as lucrative as it used to be. With 60K+ monthly pageviews, my best source of revenue to date has been Google Adsense. I do work with IZEA’s Social Spark for sponsored posts, but I’m very selective. I’m looking forward to your update on what is available to blog publishers.

  9. Jan Christian

    Thanks for this! Now I’m using IZEA Ads on my blog.I hope the earning is good here

  10. Blog Advertising

    We just launched http://www.fittyads.com which we plan on being the “go-to” for blog advertising. It’s a self serve ad network that allows you to set your own pricing within our Ad Marketplace.

    Check it out and hit me up with any questions. Blake

  11. Alandre

    For WordPress blog publishers, prosperent has a nice plugin http://goo.gl/wPxkgQ

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    Thanks for sharing.
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  13. sharon

    Hi Guys,
    Some of the networks that were mentioned above are good but i recently spent some time looking for a site with offers that converts for real. I.e. sites that filters the offers and provide us with quality and not crap.
    Let me recommend advertising network where you will find that they also have good payouts and account managers that seems to care about keeping you happy.

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    I’ve been recently looking for effective means in blog advertising, glad that I’ve found your great list!

    There have been a various networks of online advertising today, but have to make sure to use those effective ones and have high positive reviews. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Got an idea to which ones to choose.

  15. Wanify

    Great list for bloggers or publishers.

  16. Alex

    i’m wondering if your list has grown in the last 3 years – have any new blog advertising networks come up besides onmyminddailycom – and if so, which ones would you recommend as of january 2015 ?