5 responses to “RIP LinkedIn Answers: one less reason for writers to use LinkedIn”

  1. Carrie Schmeck

    Good points. I still find my greatest use for Linked In is sleuthing for company contacts–editors, marketing directors, etc. So far, that is still available…

  2. Susan Johnston

    I too was disappointed to hear that LinkedIn is shuttering its Answers feature. It sounds like the archives will disappear as well? Frankly, I don’t think endorsements has much value beyond driving users back to the site. Unlike recommendations, endorsements have no context on how users know each other, so you have people endorsing each other in a tit for tat manner that has nothing to do with their actual skills.

    Another resource you might consider is Quora.com, which is a question and answer site similar to LinkedIn answers. Users’ profiles are linked to their Facebook or Twitter account so that lends some context to who they are. (Full disclosure: my brother interned there last year so that’s how I know about the site.)