8 responses to “2011 WordCount Blogathon is here: Get started blogging”

  1. Julie Sturgeon

    Well, I’m off and rolling this morning. And I have enough posts in the can to make it through next Sunday. After that … it’s a test of discipline on my part.

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  3. Marvin

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the links. I’m excited about this month’s challenge.

  4. Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

    Thank you Michelle for organizing this and making someone like me push herself out of her comfort zone 🙂

  5. Jean Gogolin

    Well, the dog didn’t eat my homework, but I moved from New Hampshire to Massachusetts last week and was computer-less for a while. I did post this morning. Is it too late to join the fun? If not, what do I do to get on board?

    thanks, Michelle.

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