11 responses to “Too many deadlines? Here’s how to avoid panic mode”

  1. Michele

    These are great tips!

    I recently had a death in the family. It was totally unexpected and he was young, so I spent a few days with family: away from the computer–and my assignments. My editors and clients have been so understanding, though, and have allowed me time to get caught up. I take great pride in meeting my deadlines. Many times I turn my work in early. So, I was horrified to have to ask for extended deadlines. But in this case, a sudden loss of a loved one, I just didn’t have a choice.

  2. Michele

    Thank you for your kind words and compassion, Michelle. (Love your name, by the way!) 😉

    Yes, my editors and clients do know I’m reliable and that I’ll “break my neck” to please them and turn in quality work. They also know I’m deadline-driven. Still, it just “hurt” to have to ask. Guess I’m weird that way….


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  4. Denver Website Designs

    I think working bit by bit on the single project and finishing it before starting the next project/work is really a good idea that I can adopt..this way I have to listen(I mean blaming) from my boss for just 1-2 projects rather than getting the word for every project. Also, I don’t know a thing in general…why people make deadlines too tight when they know the work is going to be late for sometime…if anything gets late by 2-3 days, I don’t think any-one will get a bigger heart-attack..specially when they are sure to waste 10-12 days on thinking about other unwanted things…:)

  5. Christine@TheAums

    Yes, yes, yes! Needed these tips today (and often). Thank you!

  6. Marina

    Beautifully written, great advice…

  7. Wilfred Imbukwa

    Cutting distractions is never easy especially when I am chatting online. But I will force my self to cut distractions.

  8. Laura Spaventa

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for mentioning HARO to your readers. We’re happy to have assisted you in the past (and hopefully many more times in the future)!

    HARO’s Social Media Community Manager

  9. Tanisha Williams

    Using a calendar and scheduling tasks sounds easy but in reality, is very difficult to maintain. Also, cutting off distractions especially with social media in tow. Thanks for the great tips. Writers will benefit from these.

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