11 responses to “How writers can use Evernote to get organized, be more productive”

  1. Andy Kirk

    Never heard of Evernote but it sounds great – Just what I’m looking for. Great post, thanks

  2. Elizabeth Joss

    @Andy – Glad you liked my guest post – thanks so much!

    @Michelle – Thanks so much once again for publishing my blog post!

  3. Tim Beyers

    Great stuff, Elizabeth and Michelle. I have a series of notebooks entitled “MORGUE” organized alphabetically, in the style of an old newspaper archive.

    I also have a master tag category called “Stocks” under which I list the tickers I’m either interested in or assigned to cover. That way, if I want to find all the latest research I’ve filed on, say, Apple I can just search under “AAPL.”

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  5. Elizabeth Joss

    That’s great a great idea Tim 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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  8. Karolina

    If you are Evernote and Getting Things Done user, you can also try another app, Everdo.it, that later this year is going to be available on the market. Check web to find functionalities and some screen shots. Do you think it would be a useful task manager tool?