14 responses to “Using whiteboards to stay organized: low tech, high satisfaction”

  1. Susan Johnston

    I’ve used a whiteboard in the past and found that for some reason, I just wasn’t keep it updated. However, I loved some of the photos you linked to on Pinterest and your suggestion to keep the whiteboard small to keep the number of items on it manageable. Maybe I need to give whiteboards another chance!

    1. Philippa Willitts

      I’m glad I gave you pause for thought! It could well be worth a try, and they really needn’t be an expensive purchase.

  2. Lisa Romeo

    I use a rather big whiteboard, hanging on the wall directly opposite my desk, to map out upcoming submissions, queries, and deadlines. There’s something quite satisfying about seeing it there, crossing out, adding in, etc. And, I love having 5 different colored markers to use. Sometimes low tech = high reward!

    1. Philippa Willitts

      Different coloured markers is a great idea. I was in a stationery shop a few days ago and they were even selling whiteboards in different colours (blueboards and purpleboards, I guess!).

  3. Jennifer Willis

    Nice job! I love my whiteboard. . .

  4. fram

    I’m not alone, then! I have several whiteboards, and have been known to have a different whiteboard for each project. I also have a tiny one, about 4×6″, with an easel on the back that I use to list phone calls or immediate tasks.

    Best thing about white boards: I believe that there is an endorphin release when I erase a task!

    I’ve also used Levenger card racks on my desk with similar success–low tech, quick, and effective!

    But, like you, I rarely stick to a system and love coming up with a new one!

    1. Philippa Willitts

      I love the idea of a tiny whiteboard on an easel! And yes, wiping something away is an amazing feeling!

  5. Lorrie Hartshorn

    Yes! I love whiteboards – I have a small one pinned up over my desk and it’s brilliant, particularly for what Philippa describes about doing the jobs on the list of erasing them to make way for others. It’s a brutal but effective way of prioritising.

    1. Philippa Willitts

      Thanks Lorrie! (My podcast partner!)

      Yes, I think the prioritising aspect, as well as the visual aspect, are what makes whiteboards so successful to motivate me and keep me on top of my work. I can’t get overwhelmed, and I can always see what I’m supposed to be doing.

  6. large whiteboard

    I’m a little bit biased, but having a larger whiteboard can really come in handy – even if it’s just for sectioning off and using parts of it for different purposes. Having the ability to use the entire large area can really come in handy for brainstorming or the occasional large project.

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