18 responses to “No 2014 WordCount Blogathon – here’s why”

  1. Stephen Carr

    Good for you Michelle. Prioritizing in a small business can be difficult. You have to make a good return on your investment of time.

    Thank you for having this blog, as it has helped me become a better writer.

  2. Vanessa Richardson

    Okay, I marked Oct 10-11 in my calendar for the ASJA mini-conference. Look forward to meeting you in person!

  3. Katy Manck (@BooksYALove)

    Many thanks for hosting the Blogathon in the past; as you know, it was the incentive that I needed to start writing again myself!

    Could we perhaps use the Facebook space as a sharing spot, along with a weekly list of possible writing prompts?
    Being able to connect with other bloggers outside the Kidlit world was yet another Blogathon plus for me.

    Wishing you a June with less stress than you envision and more joy than you can imagine,
    (and please do keep following BooksYALove – there are SO many fabulous YA books coming out that grownups will enjoy),

  4. Lisa Carter

    Good luck with everything, Michelle! Blogathon or not I still read your posts and appreciate the insight you always share.

  5. Annie Logue

    Well, any of us can commit to doing one post a day for a month, yes? Even if it is not the official blogathon. I like the idea of your giving up prompts, but I’m lazy that way. And of course, you have to do what’s best for you.

    Of course!

  6. janine robinson

    I love how you are always seeking to balance your work with everything else in your busy life, and reevaluate your goals to keep your priorities straight. These online ventures can really gobble up your time, energy and even inner peace.
    I want to thank you for your Blogathon. Even though I didn’t complete it, the challenge really cranked up my own “entrepreneurial journalism” effort, and I was amazed and pleased with the results!
    And I love that your beloved dog will get to enjoy some of your precious time and tender care!

  7. Kate Harold

    These all sounds like good reasons for taking a break this year, Michelle. Congrats on recognizing the need to give yourself more time for other pursuits. Enjoy it!

  8. Alana

    I want to thank you for the three Blogathons I participated in. I’m glad I had the experience. I’m not sure I would still be blogging if a fellow blogger hadn’t told me about the 2011 Blogathon. Be proud- you have influenced a lot of lives. Now, go out and do what is right for you!

  9. Annette Gendler

    More power to you, Michelle! I’ll miss the Blogathon, but I totally respect that you have to focus on your own work and path. Thanks for all your hard work these past few years in hosting it.

  10. Marla Lawrence

    Sorry to hear the Blogathon won’t be held this year, but I understand completely. I just wanted to let you know that the mental-health blog I started last June is still going strong and growing every day. Those 30 consecutive days of writing helped me to develop into a consistent and disciplined writer, which is what I lacked before the contest. Thank you for giving me that opportunity, and best of luck to you in continuing your ventures.

  11. Billie Noaeks

    Michelle, thank you for all the years, and the blood, sweat, tears, and encouragement.

    I only participated in two WordCounts, but I really enjoyed them; learned from them, from the other participants, and from you; and treasured the topics you forced me to find!

    You always have so much on your plate, and I thank you for making room for a little more as you helped each of us grow.

    Wishing you peace, rest, and recuperation as you make your way through the challenges the coming months will bring.

    Warm regards, Billie