71 responses to “Thinking of joining BlogHer ad network? Here’s what to know”

  1. Susan Johnston

    I’m part of BlogHer Ads as well, and I appreciate such detailed analysis of the program. I was going to chime in and mention syndication fees, because I think that’s an even bigger value than advertising in a lot of cases. I also like being part of the community, though I don’t participate as much as some other BlogHer bloggers, since there are other communities more focused on my niche.

  2. Jane Boursaw

    Thanks so much, Michelle and Susan. I’ve been invited to join the BlogHer Publishing Network, and I appreciate the inside scoop. Will also check out the networks through your links, Michelle.

  3. Laura Laing

    Thanks so much for posting this, Michelle. This isn’t even an option for me (yet?) because I haven’t been asked to join, but I have been curious about these ad networks. You’ve offered a great summary of what BlogHer is about and can offer.


  4. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Well, I was “invited” to join after I applied! ;-D I am still in the initial affiliate phase and have no idea if it will be a help or support to my blog at all. I’m still watching and waiting.

  5. Shannyn @FrugalBeautiful.com

    I stumbled upon your blog after doing a Google search about the ad network. I’ve been a part of it for about a month now and am still trying to figure out the ins and outs (like I wasn’t sure how they chose their articles for syndication) and recently discovered that various ads have different rates. I just monetized my blog less than a month ago so I’m still learning to factor in the different variables, so thanks for the detail on BlogHer!

    I did get one opportunity to earn $20 by publicizing a giveaway they were doing…have you gotten many reviews? I’d love to review a book and am anxiously awaiting that chance!

  6. sparkling74

    I just joined and I am glad that I did, now that I’ve read this. This will be a nice stepping stone on my way to the “big time”, I hope. google Adsense did nothing for me AT ALL but I expect to have better success with blogher because it’s not about people clicking through the ads like with adsense. And I’m excited to possibly review some things!

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  8. Roxanne @ The Good Luck Duck

    Thanks for this run-down. I just installed my code this morning, and so far I’m dismayed by what a poor match the ads are. Perhaps 90 minutes isn’t a fair trial? 😀

    The women who read my blog aren’t interested in Nordstrom or how to match their blush and lipstick. We are a rugged breed! We want to know how to take a shower in a quart of water! We need spartan organizational skills! We work on our own engines!

    Does BlogHer’s advertising algorithm “learn” and begin to match content? Hey, give us ladies an eco-friendly degreaser and we have a winner!


  9. Lisa Tognola

    I appreciate the helpful info. I’m interested in applying to the BlogHer ad network, but my blog is run by WordPress and the BlogHer ad network rules say they don’t accept blogs run on WordPress. That said, I see your site is run by WordPress and you were accepted! Please advise!

  10. Rachel

    Thanks for this info 🙂 I stumbled upon this by googling in hopes of finding out how long it usually takes BlogHer to send you your ad code once they accept you. I applied and was accepted over a month ago. I returned all the paperwork by fax and never heard another word from them. I replied to their acceptance email a couple of weeks ago asking if there was more information they needed from me or if, perhaps, they never received my forms but i never got a reply. I’m feeling kind of rejected. do you think this is normal and I just need to be patient or should I re-apply?


  11. Amy@Maison Decor

    Rachel, I too recently went through all the things to get accepted and then waited for my code and waited…and waited! I found out that I had missed a step, and so I suggest you go back and make sure that you have filled out the forms for taxes and such. Then I faxed them in and waited a few more days and then wrote looking for help. Someone finally answered me and told me to try faxing again. I thought I did it properly, but I ended up scanning them instead and emailing them in. I got the code that same day.

  12. Robin Caldwell

    Hi all, thank you so much for the post and your candor in the comment section. Today I was “invited” to join their publishing network and asked to apply for the ad network. I hope I don’t sound naive, but could it more lucrative for a blogger to seek their own advertising/advertisers?

  13. Penelope

    Thank you for this fabulous info…I was curious about their CPM and requirements, and this helps a lot. I didn’t realize PSA were automatically displayed without an optout option…I like to approve all ads and their cpm’s.

  14. Edith

    Thank you for the information. I am interested in eventually joining an ad network, but I clearly need to work on generating more traffic before I do.

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  16. Roxanne

    I’ve been in the BlogHer network for three months, and the ad fine-tuning seems to be satisfactory now.

    I was told that I was a featured blog in the Life category, but then I got six hits from it for the entire week. Is that typical? It was a nice ego-boost, but not much of a hit-boost.

    Overall, I’m finding this network to be a much better situation than something like AdSense, which would eventually pay out $100 to my heirs and beneficiaries. If they didn’t arbitrarily ban me post-mortum.


  17. Kelly

    I noticed in BlogHer’s ad criteria that they don’t permit “ad units from any provider to be included within post content, even below the fold”. I recently started using the Amazon affiliates program which lets you put text links to products in your blog. You get a small percentage of the sale if a reader buys after using your link. Have any idea if BlogHer allows this?

  18. jamieS

    Great article, I currently run ad-sense on my blog, have you found the blogher network to be more lucrative than ad-sense?

    1. The Good Luck Duck

      I would say that BlogHer is much more lucrative than AdSense. BlogHer doesn’t require your readers to click on anything, and frankly, when I read a blog with AdSense I ignore those ads anyway.

      Then, there’s the $100 threshold for AdSense, which I would need sixteen years (seriously) to cross.

      So, just to give you a ballpark number, BlogHer paid me $30 for four months of advertising. No fortune, but it was actual money in my PayPal account. Criteria are reasonable.

      Google AdSense can block your account at any time for any activity they consider “inappropriate.” Which could be your friends clicking an ad five times to give you some jingle. Or you seeing an interesting ad and clicking yourself.


  19. Anna

    I only learned about this one this morning! I’m currently part of Izea Media, another network that does require above the fold ads, and I’m doing well with it so I’ll probably take a pass on BlogHer for now. But it’s really good to know this is out there in case I ever become unsatisfied with Izea.

  20. jamie

    Hey guys, I’m looking for advice… Anybody know which ad network pays more, Blogher or Izea? I just got my app approved through Blogher, but I am already doing sponsored posts through Izea, so maybe I should just join their ad network. Anybody experience to share?

  21. kaylene

    i’m thinking of giving blogher a try but i’m tied to foodbuzz, do you think i could go ahead and sign up with blogher or should i terminiate my contract with foodbuzz first?

  22. Grace @ FoodFitnessFreshAir


    I have a blog run through wordpress.com, but hosted through GoDaddy so that I can have my own domain name. Do you know if this would support the Blogher ads if accepted into the network? Thanks.

  23. Paul

    So…I take it this is just for women? If so that is ok. This post has great information for those who do not like adsense. But what about those who do well with adsense? Not to mention men who are looking to replace their advertising revenue with something other than adsense.

  24. Donna B.

    I have several blogs, and am very unhappy with Adsense. If there is a problem or question, there’s not even a way to contact them – one has to go to Google groups and hope someone responds. This is a bad business partner!

    I don’t think I have enough readers to try Blogher, however. No one has mentioned visits or hits yet. Would I need something like 1000 a day to try Blogher? I just have no idea. I’d like the challenge to get there, if I knew what the “there” was!

  25. Joly George

    thank you so much….the information was so helpful to me…..

  26. Vijay Rajbhar

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  27. Julie @ Texan New Yorker

    Hi, I found this article via Google searching. I registered with BlogHer, then did the online application to be part of their publishing network to run ads on my site, which fits the general criteria. That was two months ago and I have heard nothing. Should I contact them? Reapply? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!

  28. Maketta

    Hello Julie,

    This is the first time I am visiting your blog.

    I am a member of blogher but I haven’t been using it much because I see that they have a blogging platform and I already have two blogs and right now I can’t start another one (it’s just too much). I was under the impression that it was a blogging directory. I didn’t know that they had a blogher publishing network, I will check it out. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  29. Ashley

    I like the idea of blogher but I’m not sure about using it since essentially it means you are running several blogs? Is this correct — or can you re-write some of your previous blogs on blogher? Thx!

  30. Catherine

    Hi, I was recently not approved for blogher. Is there any advice you can give me that would help me understand why and possibly make improvements?

  31. Kate

    I see that some of these comments are from 2011, and I have to wonder, is this a republished post? If so, how have your revenues changed since 2011?

    I know that this year my page views have almost doubled, and my ad revenues have dropped to less than 50%. I’m also getting less higher paying reviews, and notice that the reviews I’m offered are more often for parents of young children.

    Also, part of the contract is that the contract reviews automatically unless you give notice a month before your anniversary date.

    I’ve got some thinking to do.

  32. Monica RW

    Thanks for this valuable information. We recently joined Blogher and hope that our blog is approved! Crossing fingers. 🙂

  33. Beth

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks, this is very good info. My blog is only about 6 months old, and to date I am averaging 1300-1500 page views / month. Is that enough traffic to get approved in Blogher? or any other ad network for that matter? Should I bother applying? I’ve tried to do some research online on minimum web traffic to get approved, but couldn’t find a clear / cut answer. I would appreciate your insights on this. Thank you


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  35. Marissa

    Can you use Blogher ads and google adsense at the same time? I have google adsense right now but not seeing much happening with them. I would switch to blogher completely if I knew it would work better for me.


  36. jamala

    Thanks for providing this information. I’ve often wondered what’s it all about (any hidden information..) and how beneficial it would be. You’ve given me alot to think about and I appreciate it.

  37. jamala@vivalavintageforyourhome.wordpress.com

    Also, I saw you mentioned that wordpress blogs cannot be used – can a person set up a blog under blogspot and use blogher

  38. jamala@vivalavintageforyourhome.wordpress.com

    Also, I saw you mentioned that wordpress blogs cannot be used – can a person set up another blog under blogspot and use blogher

  39. vivi
  40. calimom

    Hello, I’ve been accepted once and most recently not accepted into their network but I’m not that upset by it. I exchanged an interesting twitter “debate” with one of the CEOs of BlogHer (I’m @adeerLA on twitter) because the same day they rejected my website they retweeted me! Which I found ironic and really funny. It seemed a bit lost on ElisaC. We mentioned some of Gwyneth’s absurd comments, I’m an entertainment reporter and I’m pretty sure most of the celebs I interview wouldn’t appreciate some of the more gossipy and snarky posts I’ve seen on their site regarding celebrities. So I am not sure BlogHer is a good match for me. I have individual relationships with advertisers and my own media contacts so I am going that route but I really hope it works for the vast and varied mom and women bloggers out there!

  41. Roxana Sofia

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  42. Gina Kemp

    You had mentioned that Blogher publishing network and .com are different – which one are you affiliated with? Do you just submit information and wait to hear back?

  43. Chang

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  44. Jen

    Thanks for this review! I’ve been debating monetizing my blog and found you via google search. It seems like a great community. Have you ever used Google’s Adsense? I’m researching that one as well. Thanks again!