5 responses to “7 secrets about editors every freelance writer should know”

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  2. Freelance Writer's Guild

    Excellent post! Agree with this.

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  4. Yael Grauer

    Good post! 4 through 7 are so right on! I try to keep 1 and 2 secret. 🙂 I’d have to disagree with hating the phone, though. I don’t *hate* it, but when I ask someone for clips and they call me on a busy day, I do get rather annoyed. And I once had a client who would call my home phone and then cell phone (at night) and then email me when I let it go to voicemail, and I would’ve preferred just one method of communication. I think the phone should be used sparingly.

  5. Holly Smith

    Agree, hallelujah, and amen! As a longtime editor and freelance writer, I wish more of my freelancer colleagues understood how the editing side works!