9 responses to “What freelance assignments are you working on? [Discussion]”

  1. Mia Sherwood Landau

    Your list makes my head spin, Michelle! It’s more like spinning plates than stuff sitting on one plate… I’m pumping out daily blog posts for information marketers, and also learning a lot. I love it when that happens…

  2. Stacey

    I just handed in a website for a business strategy leader that took a great deal of research. I am waiting to find out what the next leg of this project will be; editing an ebook; writing a blog post for my own blog (which I’ll finish tomorrow); going through my alerts to see which blog posts I plan to comment on after yours; revisiting various forums to see if anyone needs me to elaborate on any of the answers I’ve provided; conducting research for a guest post; composing 15 Tweets to load into my Tweet sheduler for next week. And the list goes on.

  3. Kat Tate

    As of this moment, I am going to stop complaining about my to-do list, since it isn’t nearly as jam-packed as you!

    Can I ask, how do you manage to keep on top of so many projects at once?

    Here’s what I’m working on at the moment (while I’m in the car on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne):

    1. Gearing up to experience a new fitness craze for a magazine article.
    2. Researching for the above-mentioned article.
    3. Reviewing the design for my new support site, which is aimed at women freelancers.
    4. Reviewing posts from contributors for my new support site.
    5. Working on improving my website SEO & rank
    6. Pitching to a new client about a website content project.
    7. Preparing to pitch for a massive creative content project.
    8. Writing articles for two sites I contribute to.
    9. Getting ready to (and nervous about)attending an acting course.

    Now that I’ve written it all down, it doesn’t feel as daunting! Now…to begin…

  4. Melissa Breau (@MelissaBreau)

    Let’s see:

    Working on 3 stories for a trade industry publication on various categories within the industry
    Proofreading a book via a subcontracting gig with a self publishing company
    Copyediting blog posts for another freelance writer
    Confirming a cover story assignment with an editor at a trade magazine
    Working on website copy for a client

    In the next week:
    Editing 2 more books for my subcontracting gig
    Doing a developmental edit on a book for an independent client, also self publishing
    Sending a pitch on how i find copywriting clients to an interested blog
    Doing research for a piece for a men’s website on men in business
    Brainstorming ideas for a blog where I haven’t contributed in a while
    Contacting sources for another article assignment due Feb 1
    Researching information for my cover story assignment
    Writing my monthly column for She’s Self Employed
    Reaching out to local companies & querying to see if they need a writer

    That might be everything, though I doubt it 😛

  5. Melissa Breau (@MelissaBreau)

    Nope forgot the 2 client blogging projects I currently have on my plate entirely. So there’s also that… lol.

  6. Wilfred Imbukwa

    I am amazed that after reading all this posts I can conclude that ladies are multitaskers. For me as a new freelancer, I used to complain a lot that I am wasting a lot of time on the net trying to understand how to make money on a blog, how to perform SEO on the blog, figuring out how I can win my first bid of a project at freelance, odesk or elance.com.

    After reading all this comments, it looks like I will have to work on my multitasking so that I can catch up with all of you 😛