10 responses to “Dear WordCount: How long should a blog post be?”

  1. Andrea Altenburg

    During much of my reading regarding branding, I have found that between 300-450 is the recommended length for blogs. This seems to be where most people start to get bored and stop reading.

  2. Anjuli

    I do prefer the medium length posts (about 200-400). I like to keep up on quite a few blogs and if each one is too long it would take me forever to get through them all. If the subject is really interesting- I might be able to keep reading beyond the 500 word count.

  3. Karen S. Elliott

    I normally try to keep it under 1,000 (I even mention that in my guest blogger guidelines). However – my last blog – by guest blogger and artist Duncan Long – has received a LOT of attention. I think word count is a hard thing to pin down.

  4. The Panda Bear(My name first name is Celia)

    I think short blog entries of about 500 words are best because I think people use the web for short information-for more they would go to a book.

    That said I think a few longer posts help make a blog some more substantial.

  5. Issa @ Ajeva

    I think that the only person who got away with writing something less than 300 words and got to have one of the top blogs in his niche is – Seth Godin. People don’t like reading lengthy stuff, but if you have something valuable to offer, I think they really won’t mind reading to the last sentence ( or punctuation mark, to be more precise ). Cheers!

  6. Michelle Amethyst Mahoney

    350-400 is great. If it’s over 700, consider revising and making it shorter. I’ve read that in numerous places like EZine articles trainings and such.

  7. Lynda

    New trying to figure out where to start