11 responses to “25 ideas for daily blog posts”

  1. Annette Gendler

    Great list! Are you aware of an editorial calendar tool that works with Blogger?

  2. Marla Beck

    Michelle, it’s clear you’re gearing up for an awesome Blogathon this year!

    Will print this list out and refer to it often. I’ve experimented with audio on my blog in the past & plan to do more soon. Maybe I’ll try your audio podcast suggestion sometime – sounds like fun!

    Thanks for your ideas & look forward to reading tomorrow’s post.

  3. Marvin

    Gulp! I’m thinking about giving it (the blogathon) a go. I just began a blog about writing with mental illness. Thanks for the list. I find this real helpful.

  4. Doreen Pendgracs

    Absolutely wonderful list, Michelle!

    And perfect timing! I’m giving a workshop on blogging this week and your points are great advice for all. Will refer my workshop attendees to your site.

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  7. Daphne Gray-Grant

    Great suggestions, Michelle. I have one more. If you blog daily (or five days a week, as I do) have a different sub-theme for each day. My overall theme is “how to write faster, better,” but each day of the week is different:

    Monday: writing about writing (I find a book/blog post about writing and link to it.)
    Tuesday: my Power Writing column
    Wednesday: Word of the week
    Thursday: Figurative language
    Friday: corporate communications

    In having this structure, I’m never faced with a “blank page.” Instead, I have a list of ideas for each of these topics and I simply have to write them up. It makes writing so much easier!

  8. Fariba

    Thanks Michelle! Your list was very helpful. I’m going to share it with all my blogger friends.