9 responses to “25 more ideas for daily blog posts”

  1. Karen S. Elliott

    Do you mean write every day or POST every day? I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think my subscribers would want me in their inboxes every day. I do however, WORK on my blog every day.

  2. Sandra

    What if you don’t have anything exciting to say and you’re still in the middle of the book you’re reading–I call it “writer’s block–what to do then?


  3. Inkymomma

    I just came across this priceless video by Penelope Trunk. In case you are not familiar with her blog – start reading it. I don’t think she could write a boring post to save her life.


  4. Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

    I am really getting excited about this challenge and already got some themes to work with from some of my readers…

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    […] writer Michelle Rafter referred to these, my humble Thursday posts, in her blog, as one of 50 ways to blog every day. Whether through that or  my new Twitter account (@intralingo!), the number of subscribers to […]

  6. Charlene

    Great advice!!

    I just started a new blog and I want to be consistent.

    Thank you for the great tips.