17 responses to “30 days worth of blog post ideas”

  1. Jackie Dishner

    All set with my theme, but these are great ideas, Michelle. And I might have to borrow some of them in case the well runs dry during this year’s Blogathon. Just in case…Wanted you to know I’m so glad this day finally rolled around. Always look forward to it!

  2. Lisa Carter

    Great ideas here, Michelle! It’s also important to remember — as you reminded me on Twitter a couple of weeks ago — that not every post has to be long and in-depth. I need to remember that this month or I may not make it!

  3. Silja Hurskainen

    Oh my, this post may save my Blogathon! Funny how your head seems to be empty of ideas when you “must” write something. Thanks for sharing these!

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  5. Tina Armstrong-Ogbonna

    With these tips I am fired to blog.Like you stated I now add some of my radio stories to my blog page.Thank you once more.

  6. Van Waffle

    Michelle, these are terrific ideas. I pinned it on my Blogathon Pinterest board in case I need inspiration.

  7. Jen @ My Morning Chocolate

    Michelle, this is a great resource. I’m going to bookmark this post so I can refer to it when it get stuck over the next 29 days. Thanks so much.

  8. Julia

    Love it! Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I’m going to need those during the next 30 days…scratch that…29 days!

  9. Daniel Schmitt & Co.

    Nice tips thanks for sharing.

  10. Anne McIlree Noble

    Thanks so much — really want to make it through the entire month (unlike last year). This will help!!!

  11. EP

    THAT is hard. Sure, I can see having the energy to stick it out a week or so, maybe. But 30 days? You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din! Good luck to all.

  12. Aleksejs Ivanovs

    Thank you!