6 responses to “10 writing lessons from Annie Proulx”

  1. Jean Gogolin

    I loved this, Michelle. I love Proulx’s writing, of course, but found these observations of hers superb. Especially her comment about the power of place – not the usual writer’s wisdom.

  2. Tammy

    Proulx’ books, albeit perhaps a bit difficult to pick up as an “easy read” is probably one of the most rewarding experience you can dedicate yourself to. She is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to use unexpected language. I hope she was as articulate as her writing was. What a great opportunity to be inspired!

  3. Sasha

    Thanks for that nice post, I might just put some of those lessons to use!

  4. Ellen F. Brown

    I am thrilled to learn that Proulx, one of my favorite writers, didn’t start seriously publishing until after her kids were grown. Gives me hope that I didn’t commit an egregious error by waiting until my 40s to start writing.

  5. Laurel Stareky

    Annie Proulx is my writing hero. Has been since a friend gave me a
    copy of THE SHIPPING NEWS, & I have ever since unabashedly worshiped her–she is mind-blowingly brilliant in a dark yet no-nonsense way that intrigues me (& makes me want to wander into the woods & disappear). She cuts to the bone. Most of today’s writers are ruined for me because of her brilliance. I have found a few that are worthy to walk her road, but not many. She is my model & perpetual fire in the heart/gut/soul of inspiration. I have everything she’s ever written, & every year in January I re-read TSN to remind me what I want to achieve as a writer for the coming year.