2 responses to “Dear WordCount: How can I do background research more efficiently?”

  1. Jan Udlock

    Thanks for the shout out, M.

  2. Linda Adams

    I’d also add one more:

    Write out a list of questions about what you need to research. That’s going to help with researching what’s needed and not wasting time with what isn’t. I used to go to the library and try to read everything on the topic, take lots of notes — and then I’d realize I’d gotten nothing I needed. The questions help focus the direction of what I do need.

    I also disagree with the “dumping” in Evernote. Evernote is a great tool, but to increase efficiency, we need to spend time organizing the notes, not just “dumping” them. I’m a fiction writer. If I research a California setting, I want to be able to use those notes again if I decide to set a short story in the same location. That means my keywords and how I put the information into Evernote has to be something I can find again.