8 responses to “Share your 2013 freelance writing goals [Discussion]”

  1. Van Waffle

    2012 was an awesome year as I finally realized my dream of breaking back into freelance writing. I hired a writing coach, queried a number of magazines, newspapers and websites and landed four assignments. One was published in September, another has been submitted and revised for publication in the spring, a third is at the writing stage also for the spring, and a fourth is slated for next winter! Three of these assignments are for one magazine. I need to work out some goals for 2013 to discuss with my coach next week, so I’ll use this as a little brainstorming session.

    * Keep researching, writing and sending out killer pitches, a minimum of four new ones per month.

    * At least one per month should be directed at breaking into science and nature publications.

    * Write one essay every two months to submit on spec.

    * Plan and start writing a book (fiction or non-fiction).

    * Learn to use PhotoShop (one of my assignments so far is a photo essay, and I would love to do more).

    * Maintain a high standard of blog content (that photo assignment came thanks to my blog).

    * Figure out what it takes to get revenue from my blog.

    * Take one week vacation out of every 12. Travel.

  2. Manisha

    Love your resolution on vacations! Here are mine:

    – Publish three blog posts a month
    – Publish one article outside my blog (e.g. magazine/online site) every two months
    – Get paid for writing a minimum of one article a month
    – Share Content Marketing tips with at least one interested candidate in a month

    All the best for 2013!

  3. Philippa Willitts

    I’ve set three goals for my freelance writing business this year and, like you, one of mine is about work-life balance (I’m going to take a planned entire week off in one go!). We actually talked about setting freelance writing goals on our latest podcast http://www.philippawrites.co.uk/podcast-episode-20-goal-planning-your-freelance-aims-for-2013/ which may help your readers to clarify their aims. My other two goals are a bit long winded to explain, but I’m clear in my mind about exactly what I’m doing, and feel nice and focused – so far!

  4. English Copywriter

    The first holiday is the hardest. After that you learn when to go, where to go with good wifi coverage, or whether to arrange someone to cover, or whether it’s ok to take a complete break.
    I like to go to Asia because it’s so cheap there. It’s actually cheaper to live there in a hotel than it is back at home. So if I stay for long enough and rent out my apartment in the UK I actually save money by being on holiday!
    I’ve found the best time to go on vacation for a freelancer is between December and February. Things naturally slow down a bit then.