9 responses to “What successful writers do before breakfast”

  1. Maša

    I’m totally not a morning person, so I try to get up early enough to have an extra hour before I tackle less enjoyable things. That usually means drinking coffee while reading a book. My brain doesn’t start to function properly until I finish drinking a cup of coffee. That kind of routine also works for me because I start my day by doing something enjoyable and I feel more positive through the rest of the day. 🙂

  2. Barbara The Healthy Nut

    I get up at 6, make my husband’s breakfast and lunch and push him out the door by 6:40. Then I exercise and/or meditate for at least an hour. Then comes a cup of strong black tea with cream and stevia. Once I have my tea in hand, I’m ready to write and often I will work on current projects for an hour or two. This includes writing poetry and posting on my blog 3 times a week. I definitely prefer writing in the morning.

  3. Kat

    Thanks for sharing this – I love perving on (I mean reading about) other people’s habits.

    I suppose I’m fortunate that I don’t yet have kids impacting my schedule. I’m also not a morning person, and find it very hard to wake before 8am! I then do some stretching, and make myself a big mug of herbal tea and a healthy brekkie. Then I check out the news sites, listen to calming music and switch on my email at about 9am.

    I do my best work between about 3pm and 10pm (like your acquaintance Michelle), so I tend to schedule client calls, email correspondence and business marketing until then. When the afternoon hits, I go for a walk around the block and then get writing!

  4. Tia Bach

    I love how you took a timely and interesting idea from Vanderkam and then interviewed writers to make it relevant and practical. (Loved it so much that I reference this post in my post tomorrow.)

    Thanks for always posting great material!

  5. Van Waffle

    Carol Lloyd talks about this in her book, Creating a Life Worth Living, which I highly recommend. She interviewed a number of creative types about their routines. She emphasized the value of an “ecstatic task” in the morning: 15 minutes daily devoted to some kind of practice closely related to our mode of creative expression, however it should not be a time for play, experimentation or exercise, not productivity.

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  7. Ellen Girardeau Kempler

    Hi, Michelle. Janine Robinson sent me to your wonderful blog, and I have subscribed to your newsletter. As a poet, writer of creative nonfiction and workshop in constant need of right-brain inspiration, I developed an early-morning routine I call Waking to Words http://www.gold-boat.com/waking-to-words/. Like other writing exercises posted on Gold Boat Journeys’ Ship’s Log (aka slog), it requires only 5-10 minutes, a pen or pencil, a notebook and an open mind. These focus on the writing process instead of the finished product. Another good one for yoga lovers is the Writer’s Om http://www.gold-boat.com/boatful-o-om/. Happy sails!