11 responses to “10 ways to boost your freelance writing income in 2012”

  1. Susan

    Great tips, Michelle! Working more efficiently is a huge boost to your income, but it’s important that it not come at the expense of quality. I’ve found that outsourcing or automating repetitive tasks that aren’t core to my business model (like scheduling interviews or invoicing) can really free up time for writing.

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  3. Tara Lynne Groth

    Excellent tips. I also recommend hosting writing workshops. Being submersed in our own writing business we forget there are others who want to learn how to do the same. It’s a great way to meet other writers and help them follow their passion!

  4. Leslie Miller

    Wow–just found your blog. What a wealth of really down-to-earth, useful information!

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  6. Ashwin

    I do believe that it’s easier and more profitable to be a niche writer. Spreading out within the niche is fine, but spreading out all over has its advantages and disadvantages.

    The biggest problems with a generalist approach is that we can never be good at any one thing in particular. If you think about writing 500 worded bull**** on any topic, it really doesn’t pay off very well — be it for ourselves or for clients who pay top dollar for good content.

    Honestly, Mitchell, very few people can handle both writing and editing. Writers need editors — that’s how the professional publishing industry has always been.

    As such, I agree with all the points you mentioned. It isn’t easy being a freelancer. Once you get off, it’s an awesome journey 🙂

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