4 responses to “Top 10 WordCount posts for November 2012: Be inspired”

  1. Lee J Tyler

    Wow. Being in dance (many moons ago) and then behind the scene in theatre for 15 years, I know just what it takes to be all of the things that Kate has already studied and it all adds up to one hardworker. Spotting-a term Katie knows well- in dance means to focus on one point to keep your balance can apply to all of the fields in theatre that she has worked in. And being grounded and focused is necessary to work not just in choreography but costume, set, lighting and stage management. But my bet would be she picked all of these things up and turned them into her gem by watching you. Your last note left a lump in my throat.
    You are both lucky to have each other.

  2. Barbara McDowell Whitt

    Michelle, you certainly must be proud to have Kate as your daughter, and she has to be proud that you are her mother.