7 responses to “The WordCount guide to guest post basics”

  1. Joan Lambert Bailey

    I think the best advice is to have a clear set of guidelines for the would-be-poster. I’m open to their suggestions for topics, but it’s really helpful to them and me if I can give specific advice re: general length, photo size, bio length, bio photo, etc.

  2. Ellen

    I try to feature a guest post every week (those have actually become some of my most popular posts). From this, several people have approached me and asked if they can guest post. I usually take a look at their blog to get a feel for their writing, however, I have had some offers from people I don’t “know” that I have declined. I usually ask questions, like for example, “What are your qualifications to write this post?” It has happened that the person offering did not have the qualifications or they were not familiar with my blog, so they were not really aware of who reads it.
    So advice? Ask what makes them qualified to write that post.

  3. Patti Goldenson

    Thanks Michelle – this is really helpful and I am going to give it a shot. Thanks again

  4. Maša

    yes, this information is very helpful! I like your 25 ways to blog every day – you really can’t blame any writers block after reading it. 😉

    I would also like to thank you for having Blogathon. I’ve learned more about blogging in this month than in previous six months together! I’m so happy I’ve joined! 🙂

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