8 responses to “6 reasons your blog is begging for a ‘Greatest Hits’ page”

  1. Caroline Job

    Another brill post. Definitely a great idea that we’ll be looking to incorporate soon in to Lunchbox World – when things quieten down a little, although currently orders are on the up and up! Thanks, I’ll keep checking in though x

  2. Kerry Dexter

    I’ve begun doing greatest hits pages by subject areas I cover at Music Road. Mulling over doing an overview one, so to speak, when I’m finished with those. Decided to do it this way because seemed to me that it’d be a good way to teach, as well as to reinforce me as an expert.

    here’s the first one

    also, when I did a year long virtual road trip across the US through music, I did a sort of greatest hits page for those posts to draw that to a close
    both of these have drawn quite a few readers, new and old.

    thanks for the ideas on other things to be learned from doing this sort of post.

  3. Kerry Dexter

    all the links on these pages are to posts I’ve written, though, which would seem to me to make them fall rather more in the greatest hits area. Not so?

  4. Barbra, Bio Writer

    I think this is a great idea. I like the way Copyblogger.com uses his navigational tabs to bring readers to a “greatest hits” page on selected topics (he calls it XXXtopic 101). I’ve been thinking of doing something like that on a few of my blogs.

  5. Barbra, Bio Writer

    Oh, so that’s what the references on Twitter to “What Would Seth Godin Do?” are all about. Now I get it 🙂

    Sounds interesting and definitely worth checking out. Thanks!