11 responses to “How Writers Can Use LinkedIn, Part I”

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    […] few other ideas for LinkedIn come from journalist Michelle Vranizan Rafter. Rafter suggests using LinkedIn: As a contact manager for sources and potential sources. As I work […]

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  3. Susan Weiner

    Nice quotes from you in Michael Stelzner’s newsletter today–congratulations!


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    […] – I’ve waxed poetic about how freelancers can use this business networking site to build a contact network and change how they describe themselves. So far, LinkedIn hasn’t led to any $10,000 writing […]

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    […] Use LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for business professionals and writers. […]

  9. DaraBell

    Great really like colour scheme of the blog. I am hoping to explore more of Linked In with new stategies being made to me everyday.

  10. Nancy Hutchins

    Linked-in is a powerful tool that my friends have been urging me to take a look at. Your comments have motivated me to do just that. Thank you.