5 responses to “Oregonian to cut daily delivery, jobs in big digital makeover”

  1. Jon Bell

    Great post on a bummer situation, Michelle.

  2. Jennifer Willis

    I just feel gutted by this news—and not simply because I freelance for The Oregonian. I really like, respect, and appreciate the writers and editors at the newspaper, and my heart aches for them right now.

  3. Danette

    Michelle, I agree with you about how/where young journalists will learn good reporting. I’ve been teaching a news writing class at a comm college for the past 4 years. Since the second year I’ve had them read the local paper once a week b/c most don’t even get their news from a paper anymore.

    I’ve been freelancing for the Alton IL paper, The Telegraph, since doing my internship there back in 1998. It’s gone through so many changes the past few years. We’re now owned by a venture capitalist firm and you can guess where their priorities are. They’ve been chopping the legs out from under the paper the past year and I’m waiting for them to do something similar to what’s happened at The Oregonian.