4 responses to “How to use Vizify to create an interactive resume in a few minutes”

  1. Lee J Tyler

    Hi Michelle,

    I am blown away by all of this information. Sharing (of course) and sending to someone that might be interested just now.
    How you manage all of the content you do, run your business and then give us so many great tools I will never know. I had to make a special bookmark list, and it’s all you! I should just set up an IFFT triggers for all of your newsletters and tweets 😉 Thanks so much.

  2. Deb

    Thanks for sharing. I’m (sort of) establishing a freelance writing and blogging business and am in the midst of working on a site (separate to my blogs). I’ve added this feature cos it looks SO fabulous.

    I actually read your posts ALL OF THE TIME… just rarely comment. So… a big thanks from me.


  3. Jariyluiss

    This resume could be three or more pages long and the bullet points should cover any direction that you could go. If you are considering opportunities in training, project management or a technical position make sure that you.making a resume