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  1. AnnaLisa Michalski

    Wow, Michelle–talk about practicing what you preach. Way to condense a broad spectrum of results into one efficient article!

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  3. Robert Dolezal

    There’s no question that different media require different copy. Sitting down with a long article in a magazine is a relaxing and involving event. For the web, getting the job done in the least space possible is the ticket. You’ve given professional and amateur writers a capsule summary of the most popular approaches to telling the full story in small space. Good work!

  4. Jackie Dishner

    This is a great post, Michelle. Are you writing for The Writer. You should submit a version of this as a query. It could totally be expanded into a full feature. And I’d love to learn others ideas/anecdotes on the topic.

    Thanks for sharing your quick tips on how to write short.

    All my best,
    Jackie Dishner

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  12. Sue Bergin

    Great tips. I trim my count with a game. Regardless of length, I try to get 20% out of the first draft, and another 10% out of the second. It’s not very scientific, but it helps.

  13. Julie Phelps

    This is such good stuff! Apparently I never have enough time – ala Mark Twain!

  14. Abdullah

    great tips i say all writers follow this short story is better then long easy to read and not wastage of time

  15. Tanisha Williams

    I have to agree that writing a short is difficult if you don’t know how to condense everything in just 500 words. Way to go in coming up with one with this post. Great tips…thanks for sharing!

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