2 responses to “BlogHer series: Career advice to my younger self”

  1. EP

    I think you’re being a little too hard on yourself here. I mean, if the money ain’t there, the money ain’t there. Sure, afterwards it’s easy to say what one should have done, but how does that ancient Chinese saying go again? It is impossible to know the results of your actions. The NBC and that other job could have both been a complete waste of time and that job at the community paper could have led to something unexpectedly “big.” Sure, things like that are unlikely. But life itself is unlikely.

  2. Enock

    I just bumped onto this inspiring article, and I must admit that most people depend too much on employment after graduation. The world has changed, thus the reason we see too many lay-offs today. If we can only embrace the aspect of creativity, I am sure the world would a more better place than it is at the moment. Technology has brought too much at our finger tips. Therefore, use the resources available to make a living, even as you continue with your job search. You never know what lies ahead…