2 responses to “Best WordCount freelance writing posts of February 2013”

  1. Robert Briggs


    Hello Robert here:

    I am trying to write my first book and I copy what I write to and off line 60 Gig portable harddrive.

    My question is how do you keep what you write from being deleted everytime you plug into the off line harddrive.

    i HAVE ALL THE FREE ANTI-VIRUS AND ANTI SPYWARE APPS, but, they don’t seem to be able to keep these boo thives from downloading hostile dowloers on my computer and either steeling what I’ve writen or deleting it. I save it to four different portable drive devices and I have to run scans on everyone of them befor I go into to them. I still get clobbered even by doing this and lost everything from the begining except for what was on one portable drive which my anti virus/spyware programs removed before it erased or cut everything I had written for my book.

    How do you keep your writing safe and secure?
    What type antimaleware/spyware programs do you recommend or use to keep your materials safe and that prevents them from being deleted.I’m totally disabled and do not have much of the $$$ if you know what I mean.

    Thank You For Any Help You Can Give Me.

    Robert Briggs
    The Sea Going Hillbilly

  2. sarah lewis

    These are very useful topics. Wow that last comment through me for a loop. Looking forward to the rest of your tips.