6 responses to “Dear WordCount: Should I edit my blog posts?”

  1. Barbara @therextras

    I even edit my comments. *wink* Most of my posts wee written over time in a word document. I would get go back & correct an error after publication, too.

    Taking the time here to say that many posts are too long. Some bloggers I have read are consistently verbose & I tend to drift away from them. Try to make just one point in each post. (This post it’s perfect length, btw.)

  2. Barbara @therextras

    I most often wrote my posts in a word document with multiple self-editings before posting. I even went back to correct errors after publication. But maybe that’s just me.

    I think many bloggers should limit the size of their posts, go on and on and on….I begin to avoid those blogs. I recommend keeping a post to one main point. This post, for example, is perfect.

  3. Mary @ Blogger Hints and Tips

    I use Blogger, and don’t find the Preview mode helpful. So I have a separate, totally private “pre-publication” blog, where I can edit and re-publish to my hearts content. Posts only move from there to the “production” blog when I’m 95% happy with the. (Perfectionists can never get to 100%!)

  4. Mandor

    blogathon for freelance wretirs. This year close to 45 showed up. Together we blogged through weekdays, weekends and a holiday. We held a guest post exchange and wrote on another writer’s blog for