9 responses to “Dear WordCount: What should I put on an About page?”

  1. Patrick McGraw

    I waited for months before I wrote an “about me” page because it seemed so daunting. With your advice during the Blogathon, I finally got over that hurdle, because you made it clear that it wasn’t a huge task.

  2. Gabryyl Pierce

    Hey, that’s me in #3! Thanks, Michelle for including me.

  3. Joan Lambert Bailey

    Thanks for this post, Michelle. Mine is still under construction, but I’d say I’m closing in on a good start with the help of this post. In an effort to move forward in a somewhat logical manner, I wrote up two documents – a six month plan kind of thing and a vision statement (WIP) – that will both shape the About page. I’ve shared the latter with a wide variety of people to get some feedback about what they’d like to see, think is interesting, and what makes sense. Now that my new domain name is in use, I feel like I’m feeling some pressure (not a bad thing!) to bring other things around to fit with it. Thanks again!

  4. Joan Lambert Bailey

    Homework done! Thanks for the help with this, Michelle. I got some great feedback on the content I was thinking about, and I found your examples and advice quite helpful. I also took a look at the About pages of blogs I liked to see what those folks were doing. Some I liked, of course, more than others, and gleaned what I wanted. It was a fun little project. And as you say above, I can always change the content as I see fit, too. I’m planning to add a page about favorite articles or some such soon, too. Again, many thanks. And here’s a link to the final product: http://www.japanfarmersmarkets.com/p/about-me.html

  5. Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing

    Hi Michelle! A Freelance Writers Den member just alerted me to the mention here.

    I never feel like a master of anything so thanks for the compliment…I think of myself as a serious student though! And I’m learning fast.

    Like Eeyore says, “Thanks for noticin’ me…”

    And Derek Halpern from Social Triggers taught me to put a signup form on your About page…studies show it converts very well from here. So just giving credit. Certainly wouldn’t have thought of it myself!

    If it’s a blog where you’re looking for signups, you’re crazy not to have one on your About.

  6. Amandah

    Great tips and thanks for posting examples. Sometimes, it helps to read successful “About” pages before you create your own. Keep your audience in mind and show off your winning personality.