6 responses to “Here’s what WordCount blog themes look like as a tag cloud”

  1. my blog themes

    […] today, michelle rafter, founder of the wordcount blogathon, posted a “wordle” of her blog themes. (here’s her post.) […]

  2. Beth Nyland

    I had heard of Wordle but never tried it. In just two or three minutes of fiddling, I created a fascinating visual of my creative writing blog. I love how “continue reading” pops from all the other words! Thanks for the nudge to try this. (Here’s my Wordle: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/5367904/A_Writer%27s_Blog_at_a_Glance)

  3. Beth Nyland

    You inspired me, so I referred to you in a blog post. Thanks! http://www.spencergrace.com/word-cloud/

  4. EP

    Thanks for the tip. This is a lot nicer to look at than some of the other word cloud programs I’ve seen. This type of thing helps when you want to balance the amount of key words on your page, I find. My goal (or game) is to try to have the most important words balance out at nearly the same size.

  5. Make a Word Cloud in Two Minutes | Spencer Grace

    […] a Tweet sent me to a blog called WordCount: Freelancing in the Digital Age. I’ll be spending more time with Michelle Rafter’s insights in the days to come. This […]

  6. Tam Brown

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