16 responses to “My second act: blogging my way to career reinvention”

  1. Holly

    What a small world it is. I looked on the contributors list and I recognized Kara. We went to college together.

  2. Jackie Dishner

    You’ve done such a remarkable job with your second act, Michelle. I’m always amazed at what happens next here on WordCount.

  3. Ruth Terry

    Thanks for this Michelle. I’m not sure how I went so long without knowing your story! Among freelancers, there seems to be a mad push to Monetize Everything Now and your story really demonstrates the value in pursuing an interest, learning and planting seeds. Kudos!

  4. Carrie Schmeck

    Two things in this post stood out for me:

    2 1/2 years…
    It turns out that writing was the easiest part of re-entering the freelance business.

    Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel, finding my feet, finding my specialty, discovering what sorts of jobs I want to take, which marketing activities work best and so on.

    I know that time will be the test and the deliverer. Your words help me stay the course.

    Thanks Michelle!

  5. Sara Lancaster

    You’ve got a great story. I honestly feel inspired to do more with my blog. Time to set my sights higher.

  6. Joel Don

    Just dropping by…thanks Michelle for a nice read. Reinvention is the operative word for just about anyone in the communications business.

  7. Alison


    Blogging is at the centre of my second act story as a writer. In three short years I’ve gone from complete rejection of the format to utter devotion. Along the way, I’ve been inspired by folks like you and the cartoonist/writer Hugh MacLeod:


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  9. Rhonda C

    That’s inspiring. I put my journalism career on hold to study marketing so I can combine journalism with my passion for marketing and PR and do something even better. Now I’m blogging and about to launch my next blog in the hope I can blog my way to my next big break before I finish my postgrad dip at the end of the year. You’re an inspiration, I will not quit until I get that job!!!!

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