5 responses to “Experience matters”

  1. Jan Udlock

    I had to comment on your post! I started freelancing for parenting mags recently and have been very successful. One of the “young” ladies on our writer’s blog asked, “How can you come up with so many good ideas?”
    I laughed when I told her, “I’m old.”

    Age doesn’t make a difference in this line of work, attitude does!

    Michelle, you rock!

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  3. Su-sieee! Mac

    I so appreciate this post, Michelle. I forget that I’m old until I see how much younger the editors I work with are. Whoever came up with that adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” wasn’t thinking of freelance writers.

  4. Ann

    I’m right with you Michelle, the longer I live the more I have to write about .
    Just because I’m a grandmother doesn’t mean I’m out of the parenting mags radar. In the last 10 years I’ve seen 20 grandchildren go through sleepless nights / colic / toilet training / playschool / first grade etc

    When I was a mother I was experienced – now I’m an expert!

    I also write faster and don’t agonize over every word – and publish far more than when I was younger.

    I even get a full night’s sleep nowadays.

  5. ed

    it’s a great subject. when i was a young journalist, i tried to simply out-work the more experienced journalists. i didn’t always succeed, but that’s how i stayed competitive. as i’ve gotten older, i can’t devote my entire life energy to my writing anymore. that’s life. each of us, even those writing about similar subjects, has a distinctive voice. we be a community. that’s a big gift of the digital age and seeing the world from a more experienced perch in life.